About Us




Black Baseball Matters (BBM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing African American participation in the sport of baseball. Through our free elite baseball training program, we provide high-quality baseball education and instruction to premier players and coaches, as well as providing access to resources that will help African American athletes continue to progress in the sport.

Our commitment to excellence begins with helping athletes and coaches reach their full potential by providing the instruction, resources, and support they need to achieve success. To that end, BBM is proud to announce the launch of our revolutionary Black Baseball Matters (BBM) app.

The BBM app puts exceptional baseball instruction and information right at your fingertips. Our app provides access to hundreds of elite instructional videos, as well as exclusive interviews with professional and college athletes and coaches. We have also partnered with expert trainers and education professionals to provide support on career planning, academics and college recruitment.

We are proud to offer Black Baseball Matters’ free Elite Training Program that is specifically tailored to teach athletes the skills and knowledge required to excel in the sport. With our Elite Training Program, you can access those same elite skills and drills from high-level baseball coaches, led by members of the BBM Team through our elite training app.

Finally, BBM provides an array of social and economic empowerment initiatives. We create platforms and facilitate events that bring awareness to and build investments in African American participation in baseball.